Alcohol, Other Drugs and Pregnancy

About this Workshop

Find out how you can assist people to make healthy and informed choices about alcohol and other drugs during pregnancy. This workshop offers information about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder and smoking during pregnancy, equipping participants with the resources and tools needed to prevent alcohol or other drug-related harm from occurring.

"A healthy baby begins with us"

This workshop is suitable for anybody interested in learning about the effects of alcohol and other drug use during pregnancy but is best suited to allied health workers or other individuals working with pregnant people or people planning a pregnancy.

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What you need to know about alcohol and other drugs

At the end of this workshop participants will have a clear understanding of the risks and potential harms associated with substance use during pregnancy, as well as the supports and resources available to help pregnant people to prevent substance-related harm from affecting their growing baby.

Learn how to screen patients for alcohol or other drug use, and feel confident to communicate the recommended guidelines around alcohol and other drug use during pregnancy.

A free resource pack including the FASD Prevention Handbook, Healthy Pregnancy Postcards, and Questions About Cannabis/ Addressing Cannabis Use handouts for all training participants.

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