Whole of School Support

About these sessions

We strongly recommend a combination of student, teacher, and parent sessions to ensure consistent knowledge and understanding of alcohol and other drug issues across your school community.

These can be delivered within a term or spread across the school year for ease in scheduling. 

Build capacity and knowledge

A whole of school approach towards alcohol and other drug education is best practice for supporting student health and wellbeing.

When the whole school community has the information and skills they need, everyone is equipped to prevent and handle issues as they occur.

How does it work?

Requesting Whole of School Support is easy:

  1. Fill out the form on the right to pop your request in our system.
  2. Within 2 business days, you'll receive an email with next steps and your request number.
  3. When your request is at the top of the queue, one of our Educators will be in contact to talk to you in detail about your needs.
  4. Set the dates, and enjoy quality information provided to your school!

What is included in Whole of School Support?

The Drug Education Network's Whole of School Support bundles include everything you need to support your school staff, students, and their parents and families.

Your bundle can include any of the following options:

Classroom Sessions

Our interactive classroom sessions equip young people with opportunities to ask questions and learn about the risks and potential harms caused by alcohol and other drugs.
Learn more about classroom sessions

What Works in Drug Education

This training provides the information and resources needed to increase capacity for independent delivery of alcohol and other drug education.
Read more about this workshop

Parent forums

Hosting a forum for carers is a great way to ensure that the whole school community has access to the information they need to help keep young people safe.
Learn more about parent forums

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DEN's 'Whole of School Support' bundles are provided to your school free of cost thanks to funding from the Tasmanian Government.

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