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About these sessions

Studies show that most young Australians refer to their carers and guardians when seeking information about important topics.

Providing your school community with a parent forum will help to alleviate carer's concerns, while connecting them to the information and support they need.

Empower the whole school community

Hosting a forum for carers is a great way to ensure that the whole school community has access to the information they need to help keep young people safe.

How does it work?

Parent Symposiums are special requests, but inviting the Drug Education Network is easy:

  1. Organise your school's symposium: Set a date, prepare your space, pick out any special topics, and invite some speakers.
  2. Fill out the form on the right to invite us and pop your request in our system.
  3. Within 2 business days, you'll receive an email with next steps and your request number.
  4. When your request is at the top of the queue, one of our Educators will be in contact to talk to you in detail about your needs.

Why should my school host a Symposium event?

While our classroom sessions aim to equip young people with the information they need to stay safe and make informed decisions about alcohol and other drugs, there are external factors that can also have an impact on their attitudes toward substance use.

Best-practice alcohol and other drug education requires input from the whole school community, with educational information sessions provided for parents, carers, and guardians.

Providing your school community with a parent symposium can help to alleviate carer's concerns, and connect them to additional information and support.

Make a booking

The Drug Education Network does not coordinate forum or symposium sessions on behalf of schools, but we will happily attend them.

If you are a school staff member, invite us along using the form below.
If you are a parent, carer or family member, encourage your school to reach out to us.

DEN's attendance at your parent forum or symposium is provided at no cost thanks to funding from the Tasmanian Government.

Want to book more than one training or education session for your school? Build your own Whole of School Support bundle.

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