Responding to Drug and Alcohol Use

About these sessions

This workshop is designed to provide teachers with the information and resources needed to respond to alcohol or other drug-related questions, concerns or conversations with students.

Based on Brief Intervention methodology, this session will equip school staff with the skills required to respond to questions and comments from young people to increase their awareness and informed decision-making about their health.

This workshop also includes information about when and how to refer to an appropriate support service if required.

Responding with skill

Teachers have a unique opportunity to engage with young people who may be curious about or experimenting with alcohol or other drugs. While we recognize that it is not a teacher’s job to provide counselling or health advice, many teachers can and do help to promote healthy behaviour change or reflective thinking within their students.

This workshop will help teachers to understand why some young people may feel a reluctance or lack of motivation to change their health-related behaviours, and will provide some basic health messaging and conversational prompts that teachers can use with students when discussing alcohol and other drugs.

By the end of this workshop, teachers will have both the skills and practical tools they need to support young people to make healthy and informed choices about alcohol and other drugs, including effective strategies for referring young people to appropriate support services if required.

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Why should I book this workshop?

The Drug Education Network's staff sessions help to achieve a unified approach to alcohol and other drug conversations within your school community.

Make sure that everybody knows where to access the information they need to answer questions, and support students impacted by alcohol and other drug-related harm by booking a staff training session for your school.

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