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Of Dice and Men

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DEN is championing a local organisation that supports bringing together a community of like minded individuals whose practice demonstrates protective factors as per the PPEI highlighting what they do. Of Dice and Men offers curriculum linked adventures that allow students the opportunity to develop respectful relationships, practice help seeking behaviours, and critically examine their decision-making process.

DEN are working with Of Dice and Men and are helping them identify places in the Health and Physical Education curriculum where Role-playing fits in with key areas that are identified protective factors around drug use, and in future videos demonstrating how this approach could he used in schools, after-school programs, and, hopefully prisons.

Adventures focus on planning and rehearsing responses to dangerous and exciting situations where external influences can seriously impact upon their health and well-being but in a supportive, safe, and exciting environment.

Students develop skills to manage their emotions, understand the physical and social changes that are occurring for them and examine how the nature of their relationships changes over time. Students additionally demonstrate fair play, and the skills needed to work collaboratively. They gain the opportunity to investigate how events influence people and places on their chosen adventures all the while recognising the influence of emotions on choice and behaviour.

Of Dice and Men recognise the synergy between Role Playing Games (RPG) and the Health and Physical Education Curriculum and have tailored our enthusiasm for games and the researched benefits of community and social connectedness to create adventures relevant to the lived experiences of young people in Tasmanian schools.

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