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ALDAF Partnership Community Pamphlets

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A suite of seven community focused resources have been revamped through DEN’s partnership with Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation (ALDAF).

These pamphlets include: “Nicotine…is it just smoke?”; “Talking about Alcohol and Drugs”; “How are you doing?”; “Worried about someone’s alcohol and other drug use?”; “Cannabis…is it just a weed?”; “Party Safe”; and “Alcohol…Is it just a drink?”.


Front covers of the ALDAF/DEN suite of resources. Each brochure shows coloured shapres (dark blue, red, green, purple, teal, orange, and cyan) with stock images of people and substances at the top, with a coloured box with extra information at the bottom above the ALDAF and DEN logos.



Beginning June 2018, DEN and ALDAF collaborated a project to revitalise the co-created resources that ALDAF has been distributing to the community for several years. Through feedback, community members have told us that these resources were valuable, however with the passage of time the information and images were becoming dated.

Over a number of months DEN and ALDAF collaborated closely to examine the resources available to the community, gaps in knowledge, and the strengths of the existing resources. Through this process, the partners focused on seven initial pamphlets that updated the existing resources or targeted areas of concern.

These new and updated brochures will be distributed and made available to the community through the ALDAF shop, via the DEN website, and through the partner’s various networks of collaborators and Lions clubs.


In 1986, ALDAF founded a small resource project named The Lion’s DEN, intending to provide expert information and resources to the Tasmanian community. From this initial 15 month project, The Lions DEN transformed into the Drug Education Network and the two organisations have had a close working relationship ever since. ALDAF and DEN have worked together on co-creating and distributing resources from the beginning.


“Alcohol… is it just a drink?”


“Cannabis… is it just a weed?”

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“How are you doing?”

“Nicotine… is it just smoke?”


“Party Hard, but Party Safe.”

“Talking with young people about drugs”

“Worried about someone’s alcohol and other drug use?”